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In Focus Systems   Product Catalog

Brand Part # Product Description

List price

Baytech Price

In Focus


Long Throw Lens

2949.00 Call

In Focus


Ultra Wide Lens

3949.00 Call

In Focus


Long Throw Lens

4349.00 Call

In Focus


Short Throw Lens

2500.00 Call

In Focus


LP130 projector

6499.00 Call

In Focus


LP260 projector

2799.00 Call

In Focus


LP280 projector

2999.00 Call

In Focus


LP290 projector

4999.00 Call

In Focus


LP340B projector

3299.00 Call

In Focus


LP350V projector

5999.00 Call

In Focus


LP425ZV-B projector

2899.00 Call

In Focus


LP500 projector

4999.00 Call

In Focus


LP530 projector

7999.00 Call

In Focus


LP630 projector

7999.00 Call

In Focus


LP925 projector

9999.00 Call

In Focus


LP930 projector

13999.00 Call

In Focus


Lightport Host

699.00 Call

In Focus


Lightport 10 Browzer Upgrade

1000.00 Call

In Focus


Lightport 20 Browzer Upgrade

1999.00 Call

In Focus


Lightport 40 Browzer Upgrade

3699.00 Call

In Focus


PROAV 9410L Multimedia projector

18499.00 Call

Baytech may offer a special discount to government agencies, universities and hospitals.

Baytech does not sell to other distributors or dealers for resale.

Minimum order for government agencies is $ 100.00.

Minimum order for corporations is $ 1000.00.  Initial orders require prepayment.

Minimum order for international customers is $ 5000.00.  Initial order requires prepayment.

Disclaimers: Baytech Supply, Inc. is not affiliated with any of the companies listed on this web site.  Information about a specific product or manufacturer may be obtained by contacting the manufacturer directly.  Baytech makes no representation, nor warranty, nor statement relative to safety, nor the use thereof for any product beyond that offered by the manufacturer.  The customer is responsible for reading the manufacturer's instructions concerning the proper use of any product.  All company names, trademarks, and copyrights are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein.  Baytech makes not warranty expressed or implied with respect to accuracy of information, including price, product editorials or product specifications.  Product and manufacturer names are used only for the purpose of identification.

All prices and offers are subject to change without notice and will be established at time of order acceptance by Baytech.  Order acceptance and sale by Baytech occurs at time of shipment.  Prices for backordered products are not guaranteed.

On a request for quote, Baytech will quote the models specified, it is up to the customer to verify the specifications.